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Modern Sanctuary & Foyer!


Quotes/Reviews from Plains Friends Church Members:

“Plains Friends is compassionate and friendly.” Donna J. Walker

“Our family has felt love and prayer support from Plains Friends Church since we began attending nearly 40 years ago.” Marlyin Webb

“It’s refreshing walking into a church on Sunday that is very welcoming and full of friendly faces.  I find myself seeking advice from the congregations experienced mothers.  Our church has become my escape from the house.  I use my time at church to collect myself, grow in my relationship with God, and build good Christian relationships.” Kayla Mendoza

I love going to this church.  I am able to keep close with God especially with Quaker Communion/Quiet Time where we can share our hearts with God. Also, the people feel like family and they help strengthen my spiritual relationship with God and Jesus.” Brittany Walker